Welcome to POSSESSION Server.
POSSESSION.jp is a global gaming community provided by a high quality network in Japan.

Notification / お知らせ

Depending on the cost per day it takes to run the server, you can make any amount of donation you wish to the server.
Donations can be made quickly via PayPal (Credit Card).
In order to run the server, we need donations for non-profit purposes.
All transactions are secure and encrypted, and will be displayed on this site so that you can see the amount of your donation. Thank you.

サーバの運営にかかる時間あたりの費用に対して、任意の金額を PayPal (クレジットカード) を利用して寄付することができます。
当コミュニティは非営利です。 サーバの運営維持のために、皆様による寄付をお待ちしております。

Donation Benefits / 寄付の特典

Click on the link below to see the benefits of making a donation.
Forum - Donation Benefits / 寄付による特典


2100.94 $ / 547.00 $

Monthly Costs (Estimate)
Dedicated Server: $ 350.0
Web Hosting & Domain: $ 28.0
SQL Server: $ 49.0
CDN & VPN Networking: $ 90.0
Development Env: $ 30.0

Total 27871.48 $ | -25770.54 $


Discord Server

TeamSpeak 3 Server